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Pinterest App Update

Die Entwickler der Pinterest App haben über den Apple AppStore eine neue Version zur Verfügung gestellt. In dieser sind zwei wesentliche neue Features eingebaut:

Pinch to zoom in on a Pin

Visual search gets better and better

Hier zwei kurze Erklärungen vom Pinterest Blog:

Pinch to zoom in on a Pin – Lots of Pins have all kinds of good stuff in them, and sometimes you want to get a closer look at every inch. Starting today, you can zoom in on anything you see in a Pin. So the next time you spot a pair of shoes you love, pinch to zoom in on all the details, like texture and color.

Visual search gets better and better – Lots of people have been using our visual search tool to find related products and ideas inside Pins—in fact, visual searches on Pinterest have grown 60 percent over the last year.

We’ve made some improvements to the tool based on feedback we’ve heard from Pinners. We updated the button so it’s clearer, especially for people who are new to Pinterest, and moved it so it’s a little easier to reach. And it’s working too—in early tests of the improved button, nearly 70 percent more people used the visual search tool.

Visal search ist ein ziemlich geniales Feature! Mit dieser Funktion könnt ihr Produkte in Pins entdecken.