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Die Slack App bekommt ein Update für schnelles Antworten

Die Slack App für iOS wurde mit der Funktion aktualisiert schnell zu antworten.

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Check off your to-do list and move your projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Use Slack to:
• Communicate with your team and organize your conversations by topics, projects, or anything else that matters to your work
• Message or call any person or group within your team
• Share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people all in Slack
• Integrate into your workflow, the tools and services you already use including Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, and more
• Easily search a central knowledge base that automatically indexes and archives your team’s past conversations and files
• Customize your notifications so you stay focused on what matters

What’s New In This Version:
● Quick Replies: In which you can reply to notifications quickly, without opening the app by swiping down on any notification, or by using 3D touch from the Notification Center.
● Fixed: Image file uploads would sometimes get stuck with a spinner, even though it had successfully uploaded. This will no longer happen, unless you have uploaded a picture of a spinner.
● Fixed: You can now tap/long press to start a thread, star, react etc on old messages that you’ve reached through search (or however). You couldn’t, but now you can.

Die App gibt´s als kostenlosen Download im Apple App Store.

Facebook App Update

Facebook hat am 15. August 2017 ein Update der Facebook App angekündigt. Diese legt den Fokus auf Netzwerken und Navigieren. Heißt es wurde u.a. die Leserlichkeit von Kommentaren zu Posts verbessert, die Anmutung von Link – Sharing überarbeitet und die Navigation durch Profile verbessert.

Details gibts vom Facebook Newsroom:

Better Conversations – We’re always working to help people have more lively and expressive conversations on Facebook. More and more, comments have become the way to have conversations about a post with other people. We’ve updated our comment style and made it easier to see which comments are direct replies to another person.

Improved Readability  – We’re making updates to refresh the look and feel of News Feed, including:

  • Increased color contrast so that typography is more legible
  • Larger link previews so everything is easier to read
  • Updated icons and Like, Comment, and Share buttons that are larger and easier to tap
  • Circular profile pictures to show who’s posting or commenting

Easier Navigation – We wanted to improve how people navigate News Feed to create a more consistent experience. We’re making it easier to:

  • See where a link will take you before clicking on it
  • See whose post you’re commenting on, reacting to, or reading while you’re in the post
  • Return to News Feed once you’ve finished reading via a more prominent back button

iOS 5.1.1

Seit kurzem gibt es eine neue iOS Softwareversion. Mit Version 5.1.1 geht Apple u.a. Probleme beim Netzwechsel (2G zu 3G) an. Zuletzt aktualisierte man die Releasenotes und weißt auf Updates des Safari sowie WebKit hin. Die neue Version sei allen iOS Nutzern empfohlen und wiegt für das iPhone 4 ca. 50 MB.


iPhone Firmware 3.1

Mit dem Update von iTunes auf die Version 9, bringt Apple auch gleich eine neue Firmware für das iPhone. Einfach mal iTunes starten, dass iPhone anschließen und die neue Firmware draufladen.


Wenn ihr jedoch gerne euer iPhone jailbreaken würdet und den ultrasn0w Unlock behalten wollt. Dann solltet ihr erstmal warten. Zumindest wird dies vom DevTeam empfohlen:

Rock Out without Lockout
This week Apple will be all over the news with their announcements at Wednesday’s “Let’s Rock” event. But with so many new owners of the iPhone 3GS, and with so many new owners of the iPhone 3G (perhaps sold to them by these new 3GS owners)…now is a good time to send out this general advisory.

If you update to Apple’s new software using the normal iTunes process, you will lose your ultrasn0w unlock. In fact you may lose it permanently, because for most people the baseband firmware cannot be reverted to a previous version (unlike the main application CPU firmware).

But don’t worry…our PwnageTool program lets you update your main firmware without touching your baseband firmware, so you can still have the best of both worlds. But you must be diligent about saying “no” to your iTunes request this week to update your firmware.

Holt euch Facebook 3.0

Bild 19Pünktlich zum Mac OS Update, bringt Facebook eine neue Version ihrer gleichnamigen App auf das iPhone. Mit Version 3.0 habt ihr nun die Möglichkeit Facebook im Breitbild-Modus zu nutzen. Außerdem sieht es ein gutes Stück schöner aus. Musste man bisher auf einige Funktionen verzichten, dürfte dem nun nicht mehr so sein. Hier eine Liste aller neuen Funktionen:

– See your upcoming Events and RSVP
– See your friends‘ birthdays
– See Pages and post updates and photos to Pages you administer
– Write Notes and read your friends‘ Notes
– Upload videos from an iPhone 3GS
– Upload photos to any album
– Complete photo management (create albums, delete albums, delete photos, delete photo tags)
– Change your Profile Picture
– Zoom into photos
– Like posts and photos
– See the same News Feed as the Facebook website
– Visit links in a built-in web browser
– See all of your friends‘ friends and Pages
– See mutual friends
– Easily search for people and Pages
– Make friend requests
– Become a fan of Pages
– Quickly call or text your friends
– Create shortcuts to your favorite friends and Pages
– Friends sorted by first or last name according to your settings
– Chat friends sorted alphabeticaly

Wer immer noch nicht überzeugt ist, hier gehts zu den Reviews über die Facebook App – klick mich.